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Michael Jackson

The King of pop who got various records and awards, made the greatest impact to the world from his “Thriller” album (1982), record selling figures still unbeatable to date and says hard to believe. Michael Joseph Jackson(1958–2009) formed the world … Continue reading

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Jurassic World (Movie Trailer)

Si Fi- Adventure PG -13 Violence 8/10 / [Profanity 5/10, Frighting 6/10, Alcohol-Smoking 1/10,Nudity 2/10 ] [Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment,Legendary Pictures] Dinosaurs that we’ve never seen are in here, These prehistoric giant creatures brought to life. Keeping them in a … Continue reading

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Pop-Up Blocking [with add-on/third party Ad blockers/ Plug-ins / Extensions]

As you know dear readers, While you’ve been browsing for important contents in world wide web suddenly they are in your face. The POP Ups or the pop up windows containing advertisements. First, This is How to Stop annoying advertisements … Continue reading

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