‘STAR WARS’: The Force Awakens. MOVIE REVIEW/ Fan Review

Si Fi- Adventure PG -13
[Lucasfilm Ltd. , Bad Robot Production] Distribution :Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Episode: The Force Awakens, focuses on Rey, a pretty but a tough girl who’s living her life in planet Jakku, her ordinary life changed after saving a driod BB-8, which lost it’s master and which got a mission in hand to fulfill. Meanwhile in ‘star killer’ base a Stromtrooper serve for the “First Order”, who’s driven from his Conscience, who wants to straighten up the things, and decides to leave ‘First Order’ and help a freedom fighter for his escape. Afterward he seems no goal or meaning for himself.

The commander for ‘First Order’, ‘Ren’ commands to use the super weapon to destroy the Republic capital, for raising the Power of the “First Order” which is a part of the fallen Galactic Empire.

Before the “First Orders” next attempt to destroy ‘D,qar’ , freedom Fighters have to decide whether to be destroyed by the Super Weapon or to Destroy the Super Weapon, to save themselves and the base. ‘Han’ and ‘Chewbacca’ take the “Millennium Falcon” for make the plot in to action. Many lose their lives including Han.

In the end as fulfilling the mission Rey who plays her part as a warrior princess finds, the last ‘Jedi’ of the galaxy “Luke Skywalker” and returns his Lightsaber.


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