Technical Note : PROLINK H5004NK Router Configuration for SLT connection

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Technical Note : PROLINK H5004NK Router Configuration for SLT connection

Router Product : PROLINK H5004 NK


Here includes the steps for configuring the PROLINK H5004 NK Router / Modem for the SLT Telecommunication line.

We should concern that for this Router/modem and the service provider SLT have their own standards for the network ports.

Back panel of the router is shown as below

Photo0567 copy

As mentioned in the picture SLT have reserved the LAN4 port for the SLT Peo TV connection. To connect the network cable for Internet we have the LAN1, LAN2, and LAN3 available. [For Me it’s always easy to use the LAN2 and LAN3 instead of confusing the LAN1 port with LAN4 because the port arrangement is bit tricky. Specially when you work while get assistance over the phone].

Connect the RJ45 Network cable’s one end as shown to the router and the other end to computers Network port.

poweradptrConnect the Power Adapter to the Power in and plug it in.

It takes few seconds to start up the router, You may see the indicators are blinking for PWR(Power), INT(Internet),ADSL, LAN1,…., WLAN ADSL.

PWR(Power) Indicator light changes it’s color from red to green for its normal status,

While INT(Internet) Indicator Light Still stays Red because haven’t configure the rougher software yet.

Photo0638                          Photo0627

Router Starting  ….                                                    Indicator Lights blinks still at start up


…… Still the INT(Internet) Indicator Light Red

Because Haven’t configure the settings yet

For the first time.

Hope the router has connected accurately according to the diagram given

by SLT(Its printed on the bottom side of the box ).

Connection Diagram

Now have to configure the router settings from the router page. For this we should open up the available web browser you got and type in the default IP address for the router in the address bar.

acessing router ip

login page

Give the User name as “admin”

and the Password as “password” for the log in.

Then we are moving to the Quick setup page and this is the important and starting part of the Configuration.

Quick Setup Section


  • For the Field “User name” you have to give  the user name provided by SLT for you

Ex:  aaabcde@sltbb

  • Then for the Password the Password provide

Ex: thisismypassword

quick setup page a

After filling the use name and password in the quick setup

  • Give a preferred name for your Net work ex : My Network
  • Channel Number should be Auto
  • Encryption should be WPA2 (AES)
  • WPA Authentication Personal(Pre-Shared Key)  should be ticked in
  • Pre-Shared Key Format should be Passphrase
  • Pre-Shared Key: give alphanumeric more than eight character password  for the protection of your wireless network.
  • Keep the other values as default and  Remember to Press the save setting button appeared in the left side then press SUBMIT button

Changes may save and this may take some time and you may see a progress bar at the bottom.

The Next Changes Should Apply as below for SETUP page WAN configuration Section accordingly


Theses Values Should be as below :

  • Default Route Selection Should be Auto
  • VPI should be 8
  • VCI should be 36
  • Encapsulation  LLC should ticked
  • Channel Mode 1483 Bridged should be selected
  • Other fields keep them as default.

You have to apply the changes and this may takes bit of a time to activate this might be 10 seconds. After router being Set the INT(Internet Indicator bulb) will flash in Green.


Now you just have done the hard part and you may able to browse internet  : )


After that You can easily set up your wireless Network .

***  NOTE : I Created this article for the benefit of internet users and to all of you because lack of finding help documentation relevant to “PROLINK H5004NK router configuration for SLT Connection”  online.

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Reference :  SLT Prolink technical note on the product box.

The Default Router interface pages as the image references.

Google product search

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