Melware/ Browser Hijackers How to get Rid [Remove Delta-homes]

Recently I found out my Mozila, IE and all Other Browsers been infected with a browser Hijacker Delta-Homes.


went through many sites those solution gave more pain.

Finally I found out this handy piece of Mel ware removing software and It gave me the relief.

The best  is as all the good things this software is free.

you can download it from the link below

click only the Icon shown below in the given site to Download ComboFix.exe

download icon

You may see the following Screens Don’t worry these wont give any harm

to get the recovery console installation Screen installation scree2 scaning scrn log report screen


After the Scanning and removing unwanted files you have to do few things to get rid of completely

1) Right click on your browser shortcut Icon –> Properties ==> ShortCut[tab] .  Remove all the text after browser name.exe.

2)After Deleting the text click—-> apply—-> OK

In Firefox



In Internet Explorer




Also Remember to do the same to task bar icons and the Start menu browser icons



**Now Reset fire fox do the following

Open Firefox Menu by clicking  top right icon.—>click the help icon at the bottom—>Click Restart with ad dons disabled —> in the dialog box click reset


resetfirefox resetfirefox2 resetfirfox

After these steps you will be back with the default browser and your favorite search engine (Google) page and keep browsing

Good Luck !!!





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