Pop-Up Blocking [with add-on/third party Ad blockers/ Plug-ins / Extensions]

As you know dear readers, While you’ve been browsing for important contents in world wide web suddenly they are in your face. The POP Ups or the pop up windows containing advertisements.

First, This is How to Stop annoying advertisements that intrudes in to your system.

There are plenty of Anti virus Programs available but it’ll cost you an arm and a leg, and also the “browsers default pop up blocking” enabling wont help at all.

This Article, looks at how  to stop pop ups using few browser extension /Add-ons [Plug-ins / Third party Ad blockers ]

In Fact its from Mozila or Under the browser developer approval its safe and recommended.

Other really bizarre thing about these are is it’ll cost you nothing and do the job.

Step 1

1 ) Open Mozila FireFox

      1. Tools
      2. Click Add-ons from the drop down Menu
      3. Then On the left hand side, click on Extensions Section
      4. Afterwards on the top left side corner type the name of the add-on in the provided search section.

These are the Names of the Extensions you need to download

  • Adblock Plus
  • Flashblock
  • NoScript

Step 1

Tools section

 Step 2

selct add_ons

Step 3 [Searching by giving the Extension Name i.e – Flashblock]

searching for extintion

Step 4 [choosing the add on and installing- click the install button in front of the extension name]



Step 5  [While install in progress-few  seconds only]


Step 6   [Restarting the FireFox browser -only for some extensions]


Other useful extensions

  • Image and flash blocker
  • NoScript Lite

From the list of available add-on search list only choose the above appropriate, Then click install some needs browser restarting and others wont. After all these you can browse safely…..

Note:  When Running first time with the extensions The NoScript plug-in will ask permission from the user for every site, for this you have to click allow [i.e- "allow www.websitename.com"] for trusted sites like Wikipedia or yahoo, but whenever you have a doubt its wise to choose temperaly allow option. Other way is Add all your trusted sites to the white list of Noscript Extension

Step 7  – I  [Allowing trusted sites to run scripts]

allowing sites

Step 7   -II [choosing whether to allow temporally of permanently ]



Whenever you feel safer you can disable the extensions. But you have to be careful, because you again will expose to the unwanted intruding melware. Finally in case of any doubt or you are unhappy with extensions you can permanently remove them with out a harm, from the “extension section” of the browser.

Talking further more …[Describing and my opinion about POP Ups and today’s World Wide Web ]

Pop-up adverting are the roots which comes up and haunting from today’s internet grave yard. Without noticing or in silence they download and execute files, tracking your work and takes passwords and ID numbers, User Names[i.e:- Key- loggers] , takes control of the browsers(browser hijackers), and fake messages of automatic scan and corrupted files.

  • Pop Ups

Online Advertising method use to attract viewer, mostly for products and services such as gambling, online trading or for some unnecessary purposes. The most common and annoying from of pop ups are, advertisements about Phonographic sites. These massive amount of Pop ups commonly call as pornado or porn-storm. These adds forming by java scripts using cross site Scripting XSS and mostly “hover ads” those uses DHTML to come in font of the browser. DHTML is very CPU intensive and can be responsible for freezing the computer. Problem is browser’s Pop up blocker option is not enough to stop them,  So have to use a Third-party software’s such as add-ons or extensions.

Few types of pop Ups

  • Registration Entry pop ups
  • Download Click pop ups
  • Free Demo Exit pop ups
  • Subscription Scroll pop ups

Ongoing Trends

  1. Pop Under  Usually when the user notice a pop up takes place over the reading contents, immediate reaction closing, Pop under advertisements remain silence till user finishes reading and minimizing or closing the main browser window. Reaction from the user is pay more attention to the advertisements. In other way the advertisement rewords for patients by getting more attraction.
  2. Fake close minimize buttons   Habitually we use close and Minimize buttons to get rid of unwanted. But with the use of graphic applications, Pop-up creators can create “windows” or “O/s”  like “close”,  “minimize” buttons. They usually led you to unwanted web or installation file/ exe.
  3. Fake Software / Plug-in  updates  Most common are the Fake “Flash update” or Fake “Java update”. In the end they may take you to install some “down-loader” software or other nuisance than updating flash or Java.

Before End   As many I believe internet being polluted recently, and most of us are looking for Cleaner, Safer and accuracy reliable world wide web.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you learn everything you hoped to (and more!). Come back soon for new content!
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Software Developers who made these free Extensions/Plugins have dedicated their time and life for making web a safer place.Whenever its possible donate them for their work.


Common visual examples of Pop ups

1) Online Gambling
online gambling online gambling 2 images

2 Fake Software Updates

pop-up freevideodownloadforpc.com-pop-up Safeupdates.net_-300x216

3 Fake Warnings and Messages

error52911669-com-pop-up-ads fake Lottery


4  Online Gaming

dragons_of_atlantis Astrolords.bisbog.com-pop-up Screenshot_2015-03-02-12-27-49

5 Online Dating

singles unnamed

5 Unwanted Trading Sites

Unwanted Trading content


Pop-Up Blocking [with add-on/third party Ad blockers/ Plug-ins / Extensions]

Copyright: This Documentation is done by Rivi Jayaweera and content copying and misuse of information,and profit making is prohibited.

I’m giving credits to :

Wikihow and Wikipedia web sites , Mozila FireFox Foundation. as well as the developers who dedicated there life to developing free software extensions for the online community.Please visit their sites and donate for their work when its possible.

© Rivi Jayaweera 2015


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