Michael Jackson


The King of pop who got various records and awards, made the greatest impact to the world from his “Thriller” album (1982), record selling figures still unbeatable to date and says hard to believe. Michael Joseph Jackson(1958–2009) formed the world of music by the touch of his mind blowing stage presence, music videos to his heir style. Michael Jackson a mentor for generations after generations of past and feature, his cultural influence is visible in every corner of modern world and well known. He was loved and honored by fans even many rumors hit his gigantic image time to time. When he doesn’t make any stories to talk, publications made their own stories. 

meeting producer quency jones

During 1978-1979 Jackson met Quincy Jones a producer and the combination brought the Thriller a Massive Success. His hits Billy Jean, Thriller, stayed on top of charts for long time. Amazingly his appearance and success visible during the decades we passed.

Jackson showed his contradiction about racial and social barriers through his music and visuals similarly this led to a transformation of the society as he expect. He noticed as a great humanitarian and says donated huge amount of his earnings for various founds and foundation.

Michael and his Lingering memory of impersonated performance lives with us for centuries.

Rest in peace Michael.

MJ famous photoe1 MJ famous pho2

Discography (Recent Time)

Off the Wall – 1979

Thriller – 1982

Bad – 1987

Dangerous – 1991

HIstory: Past,Present and Feature Book I -1995

Invincible -2001



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