Terminator Genisys (Movie Trailer)

Si Fi- Adventure PG -13
[Skydance Production, Paramount Pictures]

From the dark days of future. Yet another time a combatant from Connor’s resistance force, has sent through time on a mission to save one high value asset “Sarahh Connor “. Mother of “John Connor” the future leader of the resistance force against “Skynet”. “Skynet” sets “Doomsday” upon mankind on 2017 from bombarding the world with Nukes and taking over it. John send a volunteer and his best Bud to save his past. But the past, now is not what it was and the time line being re constructed to a different sequence. According to this sequence there is a terminator robot protecting Sarah since her childhood. Now in this past Just About to destroy the Skynet’s terminator who sent to assassinate Sarah. The previous story we know seems as not the main story line but some coincidence . Also a molten metal robot chasing Sarah but sooner it will destroyed by Sarah and her two new friends. The newly send protector, Sarah and the reprogrammed guardian had to choose whether to believe John Connor ? Or not.(his present appearance in 2017).Because Now he’s not a machine nor a human.

Before the doomsday Skynet appeared to be Innocent and named as Genisys, also a handy household computer system, Every electronic device works through Skynet. It involve in various fields and industries including Medical to Military. Anyhow to beat “Skynet” Sarah and the team have to destroy Skynets operating center including a Robot Manufacturing plant. “Connor”, or the sky nets infected version of Connor, Now who fights back for Skynet, Stands on their way. The guardian Terminator able to beat him up and to take on hold of the John Connor, finally tells Sarah and her friend to turn on the time device to take him and John to be transported to nowhere but to be destroyed.

Finally the guardian robot able to reform his body as a new molten metal version and able to rescue Sarah and her friend who trapped in the safety chamber. After bombing Skynet and its Robot factory.



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