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Thank You Very Much For Giving Us a Brighter and a Wonderful New Year….

Thank You Very Much For Giving Us a Brighter and a Wonderful New Year….

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Honorable Speakers of Sri Lanka –

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2015

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The Simpsons

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RIVI’S REVIEWS (movie reviews)



1) INTERSTELLAR  ( 2013)

[ Warner Bros.,Paramount Pictures,Legendary Pictures]

Matthew McConaughey

Interstellar is a Sci-Fi, That the human race on earth are in a critical stage of extinction because of lack of food on planet, and there are also huge dust storms.

Day to day life of Cooper, in his farm was interrupted by finding and chasing behind a UAV, led him to find the secretly carried out space program for years to finding a planet for start human race. He also noticed strange things including his farm-vehicles compasses malfunctioned because of influenced from a different magnetic/gravitational field. , and his daughter believes there’s a ghost communicate with her through signs of dust patterns.

His Family including, father-in-law and two young kids. Daughter and a son. One day when he traveled out on his truck found this Aircraft and afterwards chasing after it .This whole incident led them involve to a secret space program. That still continues working on space traveling technology and also sent a team of scientists/astronauts to find a Planet for human in the far distant deep space.

The founder of the space program had calculations and a theory of a ideal planet to restart human race and to shorten the time for travel the whole journey, the space station has to travel  throw a black hole, connects the two distant ends of the universe.According to the Plan A they start the space frontier, but the first planet they found after traveling throw the black whole is consist of a water body that has occasional massive Tsunami waves, Team lost one Astronaut in it.Afterwards rest of the team including Cooper again start to flee to the next planet, That consist of freezing cold,  mountain environment.

In the cold planet they found the earlier astronaut team’s spaceship and the astronauts who still are live in there hibernation chambers. They woke up the team leader Mann from his hibernation chamber to find more facts. On back of Mann’s  mind there’s another idea that keeps working on. While in a expedition travel Mann tries to kill Cooper. Some how surviving with an air leak, after a deadly combat Cooper, able to contact his colleague, for help, still who’s in the space ship landed distantly. By traveling back to the main space station, that orbits in space near to the planet. They are thinking and talking about what’s the next step. Meanwhile Mann also reached to the space-station in a different ship before them. Who tries to enter to the station by opening the airlock  by overriding the authorization been warned not to do this that lads to a danger. But the unauthorized opening ended in a massive explosion that burned out a part of the space-station and ending Mann’s life.

Cooper and Amelia are still in there space ship trying to connect  to the space station that with a destroyed  portion.  It already started traveling through the black whole. With Cooper’s experience as a brilliant pilot, and with the help of the robot. Finally they able to connect to the space station and travel through with it.

Space station is back in where the red planet and where they started. Cooper decides to go down to the planet/black whole and Amelia left in the main ship surprised by sudden decision of Cooper for a suicide mission.

Cooper found himself inside his book shelf. Where a fifth dimension that the communicators from a far away planet have found as a way of communicate through the gravity and dust patterns to send messages to his daughter, she noticed as a ghost in her room that talking to her by dust patterns.  So he found a parallel situation in time that connects to his library room and inside his book shelf he able to communicate with his daughter by the watch he kept with her before leaving her. So on earth his daughter now a grown up and work for the space program and plays a big role in the program able to realize that the ghost that communicate in her fathers book shelf  is non other, but her father himself. By communicating with her father, trough the watch’s ticking patterns. She is able to find the new equation that turns the next Space program into a different direction.

Cooper suddenly woken up on a hospital bed by a doctor from earth telling they found him in his space suit in deep space. Who now 130 years old literally but still in a body of middle aged him self who left from earth, found that he is in the massive structure in space,  a space station, that has artificially created gravity inside, was named by his daughter to honor her, and still his old house they lived kept as an artifact. His daughter who now on a hospital bed, grown old.

Mean while his colleague Amelia,  who landed on a the next planet left to search. She has found that in its atmosphere humans can breathe. Means can be colonized and she keeps surveying on it.

Cooper starts to continue his journey in another space craft to find his team mate.


intersteller_image6© Rivi Jayaweera


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Kottu Paratha Roti and Chicken Curry

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Ulundu vada and Dosa


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Chocolate Cake



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